Job A Great Example Of Patience

Please Read James 5:10-11

We’ve all heard the story of Job. But do we know the details? That can only come from study. Job’s story can be found in the Bible book of Job. It’s a remarkable story. Here you have a man who is the richest person in his entire country. But he’s not like most rich people. Job shares his wealth with the poor. He feeds and cares for fatherless children and widows. He provides lodging for traveling strangers. Job helps those who can not pay him back, and expects nothing in return. (Luke 14:12-14) He’s a faithful husband to his wife. Job makes a covenant with his eyes to never look lustfully at another woman. (Job 31:1) A different man indeed. He has ten children and is a good father. Whenever his children have a feast Job offers up sacrifices to God just in case one of them has sinned. This was his custom. (Job 1:4-5) God himself said there was no one on earth like Job. And Job didn’t belong to any religious sect, organization, or denomination. What does that teach us? Job was a man who sought to do good. He feared God and shunned evil. God said he was the most righteous man in the whole world during his time. (Job 1:8)


As good as Job was this did not prevent tragedy from striking him. There’s this false belief that we can become so good that God won’t let anything bad happen to us. (Ecclesiastes 7:13-14) Job’s life proves that belief is wrong. Satan the Devil was allowed to bring much pain and sorrow to Job. (Ecclesiastes 7:13-14) He lost all of his wealth, and all ten of his children were killed at the same time, on the same day. Most of his employees were killed too. Then Job was struck with boils by the Devil from head to toe–a very ugly painful disease. Yes, the most righteous man in the whole world, God’s servant, was allowed to suffer all this. To add to his pain Job’s friends tormented him by telling him daily that all this happened to him because he had sinned against God. And all he had to do is confess his sins and his problems would go away. I’ve met self-righteous preachers like Job’s friends who were quick to tell people they knew nothing about that their sufferings too were all the result of them being unfaithful to God. Job’s friends were so convinced of this that they never let up accusing him. They did eventually stop later on when God himself personally confronted one of them. God spoke directly to Eliphaz (one of Job’s friends) and told him He was angry with him and his two friends for not speaking the truth about Him as His servant Job had. (Job 42:7-9) God let them know they were dead wrong, and needed to make amends for their sins. God vindicated Job from all the wicked accusations that were brought against him.


During Job’s entire ordeal he never cursed God or charged Him with evil. Even when his wife saw his great suffering and said, “Why don’t you just curse God and die,” Job rebuked her saying, “You are talking like a foolish woman. Are we to accept only the good from God and not the bad too?” What an answer. The right answer. (Job 2:9-10) Satan told God twice in front of all the Angels in heaven that if Job was put to the test he would curse God to his face. And Job never did. Instead he kept worshiping and praising God even in his misery. What a remarkable man! Of course he did wonder why all this was happening to him, and was very disturbed about it at times. Who wouldn’t be? But he never gave up and cursed God like Satan said he would. Job is a champion of faith! Job; a man born in sin, proved the Devil to be the big fat liar he is. He proved that any man can be faithful to God no matter what he’s going through if he chooses. He proved this by keeping his integrity under the most trying circumstances. And he didn’t even know why all this was happening to him. Satan the Devil, the original serpent, lost again. And has been losing ever since. I feel sorry for the poor human beings he’s won to his cause and tricked into believing he’s a winner. (Revelation 21:8)

Towards the end of Job’s trouble God had a conversation with him. God revealed to him who he really is. The contents of this jaw-dropping dialogue can be found in Job chapters 38-41. In chapter 42 verses 1-6 Job is blown away by what he hears, and humbly admits he now knows God much better. I strongly encourage you to read the entire book of Job. There are many lessons learned in this book.


After God corrects Job’s friends for speaking lies about Him Job prays for his friends. God accepts Job’s prayer and immediately restores Job, his family, and his fortunes. God blesses Job with twice as much materially than he had before. Wow! He was already the richest man in his entire country. God blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former. God gave Job seven more sons and three more daughters. Job’s daughters were the most beautiful women in the whole land. God also let Job live 140 more years. He got to see his children’s children, and even their children, to the 4th generation before he died. God rewarded Job’s faithfulness. Won’t he do the same for you and me? Even if we never get back every material possession that we lost isn’t it better to be rewarded with eternal life in heaven? (Philippians 3:7-14) There we have an everlasting kingdom, one that will never end. And no one, NO ONE, can take that away from us. (Matthew 6:19-20 Daniel 7:17-18, 21-27)

Give Mild Answers

Wonna enjoy peace even in the midst of stormy trials? Give mild answers. The Bible says that a fool’s mouth brings strife, invites beatings, and is a trap to his own soul. (Proverbs 18:6-7) A fool lashes out with pride and provokes others. Soon enough someone gets tired of him. (Proverbs 14:3 10:14 Ecclesiastes 10:12)

Please Read Proverbs 15:1

God teaches us to be wise not fools. A gentle answer turns away anger, but harsh words stir it up. By giving mild answers even in the face of provocation we turn anger away. It doesn’t get to build up. It’s harder for a person to feel justified in harming us because we’re not hurting them back with our words. But when we argue and answer people in a harsh manner we are stirring anger up in them, and that will lead to trouble. (Psalm 37:8) Wisdom says to handle situations mildly, calmly, with a cool head. Not only is this exhibiting self-control which is the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), we are in control of the situation at hand because we are walking in the spirit and obeying God’s teaching. Giving mild answers has great spiritual power. This power comes from God.

Please Read Proverbs 25:15

God said that even rulers can be persuaded by patience. And a gentle tongue can break a bone. Ever seen someone arguing with a person in a position of authority? The same people they need to help them in some kind of way? It normally doesn’t turn out well, does it? Why be a pain in the butt to those whose help you need? Why argue with someone who has authority over you period? Isn’t it better to follow God’s counsel and benefit ourselves? Who cares if you don’t like this or that about the person. They’re in a position of authority over you, and you need their help. Arguing may cause them to become even more angry with you, then feel justified in making matters worse for you. It’s not wise to be a hot-head. Being patient as God says will net better results. Gentle words are so powerful they can break a bone God said. Operate in that power, the true power. Bickering only leads to trouble. Let us remember this the next time things don’t seem to be going our way and we’re dealing with difficult people, especially those in positions of authority. (Romans 13:1)


Please Read James 1:19-20

If we follow what God says being swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath, a lot of quarrels will never happen. When we get angry (our way) it is impossible to live the righteous life that God requires. Our words and how we use them play a huge role in our lives. By giving mild, gentle answers we will be like a skilled road worker that paves smooth roads ahead of ourselves on which to travel.

Wait Patiently On The Lord

Please Read Psalm 27:14

Ever been in a situation where all you could do is wait? Did you complain? I’m sure all of us have at some time. But that’s where patience is lost. Patience isn’t just waiting. It’s the ability to wait and suffer painful annoyances calmly, without complaining. All the great servants of God had patience. They knew something most people don’t know: that God is in full control of everything. And he has our best interest at heart. A person makes many plans, but God determines our steps. (Proverbs 16:9 Jeremiah 10:23) Our waiting patiently on God shows we trust and know Him. Someone who knows God is guiding their destiny doesn’t fret. He/she obeys Jesus who says not to worry. (Matthew 6:34) Even when things look bleak God’s power isn’t weak. Our changing circumstances don’t change Him. God is with us in all of our afflictions just as he was with Joseph while he was in prison. (Genesis 39: 20-23)


Many of us know the story of Joseph. He was an exceptional man. When he was a boy his brothers hated him so much that they sold him into slavery. Imagine being in that position. But this unusual lad did not lose heart. He kept looking to his God. And his God made him super successful in whatever he did. So successful that he was placed over Pharaoh’s chief bodyguard’s whole house. The chief bodyguard’s wife noticed young Joseph, but he refused to have sex with her. She eventually had him setup on a false rape charge. Now Joseph had to go to prison where he stayed for years. You think he might have just given up by now? Not Joseph. He kept patiently waiting on his God. And God rewarded him again by being with him in prison. Everything Joseph touched abundantly succeeded. So much so that the prison warden put Joseph over the whole prison. “But what kind of success is that?” some might say. “He’s still in prison.” Being made the head and not the tail in a tough situation lightens the load. God gives a person rest even in the midst of their trials.


Joseph was eventually released from prison and was promoted by the Pharaoh of Egypt himself. He was placed in charge of all Egypt and answered only to Pharaoh. Yes, Joseph became a very powerful man. He was later reunited with his family and was instrumental in saving them and many others from a deadly famine that lasted for 7 years. Oh, I almost forgot: Pharaoh gave Joseph his own daughter to be his wife. Joseph had children by her, life was good. But Joseph always made good even when life was bad. (Ecclesiastes 7:13-14) Every time the world threw lemons at Joseph he took those lemons and made lemonade. He is one of my favorite people because of his great patience. He wouldn’t quit serving God regardless of his circumstances. His story can be found in the book of Genesis chapters 37, and 39-50. If you check out his story you will definitely see that God does reward patience. Let’s be like Joseph. Let’s patiently wait on God and never lose heart.