We Wonna Be Normal?

Please Read 1 Samuel 8:1-22

In spite of being told how terrible things would go because Israel chose a human king to rule over them instead of God, they still asked for it. They wanted a man to lead them in battles of war like the nations around them. Being set apart as God’s special possession; His holy and sanctified people, meant nothing to them. God appointed them to be the cream of the crop. They chose to be the crud at the bottom of the barrel. God made them the most precious jewel among the nations. They thought it best to be a common pebble. So he handed them over to what they desired and gave them their human king. The cost for this was devastating.

Imagine a nation without an army; a nation that does not need an army because God is it’s army. That was Israel. Imagine a nation without a king. Because it does not need a king. God is it’s king. That was Israel. Yet they rejected God and desired that mere flesh rule over them. Now their children would be slaughtered in wars. They would lose what they owned and worked hard for. Their human king would demand the fruits of their labors, including their sons and daughters for his pleasures and as payment to his officials. All of Israel would become slaves of the king. The freedoms and rights they once enjoyed would now be gone. All this and then some because they wanted to be just like the rest of the folks around them. They did not value being God’s chosen people; His special possession. They hated God’s plans for them. (Jeremiah 29:11) Too often they trusted in the strength of men. (Jeremiah 17:5) This brought a curse on them. Like the surrounding nations they wanted to imitate they worshipped false Gods, practiced witchcraft, and even burned their children alive in the fire to a false god. (Jeremiah 19:4-5 Ezekiel 20:31-32) They became extremely wicked. How terribly sad. And despite all this God did not utterly destroy them. What a merciful, awesome, loving God!

Are we like the Israelites? Do we claim God as our Father but want to be like the world? (1 John 2:15-17) Do we truly value what it means to be set apart as God’s chosen holy people?

Please Read John 15:15-17 Epesians 1:4-5 1 Peter 2:9-10


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